TRON Users Enter Decentralized Metaverse Through MegaCryptoPolis Partnership

TRON Users Enter Decentralized Metaverse Through MegaCryptoPolis Partnership

In a first for the TRON ecosystem, MegaCryptoPolis will be bringing its decentralized gaming metaverse to the high throughput blockchain, starting on March 16. This is major news for both parties, as it will help strengthen their ecosystems by increasing the overall community size and in-game possibilities. With the massive explosion of interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), surpassing hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly trading volume, introducing an interactive NFT-based gaming universe to TRON is sure to attract a lot of interest.

Turning a Leisure Activity into a Revenue Stream

In MegaCryptoPolis, everything is tokenized, giving gamers full monetary control over their gameplay and the ability to profit through in-game play. With this migration to TRON, the game will now accept TRX as an in-game currency, allowing users to utilize the base currency to engage with the MegaCryptoPolis marketplace or generate additional passive income. As a widespread gaming universe, the TRON community will now be able to purchase individual plots of land or even entire districts with TRX, giving full control over how they want to manage and use their digital properties.

With MegaCryptoPolis, there are many ways to begin earning passive income. The first way applies to all players and does not require any initial investment to take part. Just by playing and contributing to the MegaCryptoPolis community, users get a share of daily distributed funds, with $1,365,000 currently available in the pool. If you buy a plot of digital land, you can earn TRX from neighboring land sales. Similarly to physical real estate, if an adjacent property rises in value and is sold, it generally contributes to price increases for surrounding properties; this concept is automatically applied within MegaCryptoPolis. If you own a district, you have the ability to govern it as you see fit, generating passive TRX from every player’s action within your district, almost like a digital tax. 

It doesn’t stop there, though, as anyone can create and sell their own NFTs in the metaverse, which they can then use in-game. Uses can produce resources required for other buildings to operate, yet another way to generate a profit. As a fully decentralized ecosystem, the robust secondary trading market allows for everyone to participate equally.

The Sun Tower

On the TRON network, the introduction of MegaCryptoPolis starts with the Sun Tower, offering a unique virtual view of Justin Sun’s e-office and the ability to take in the decentralized city’s panoramic views. This is meant to symbolize a stepping stone for MegaCryptoPolis, showing the possibilities and money-making opportunities available within the game. 

With TRON’s comprehensive platform hosting various other defi applications such as lending, trading, and stablecoin issuance, users will be able to take all the perks offered via the network and direct them to optimize their gameplay.

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