Gekkoin cryptocurrency platform launches new investment product

Gekkoin cryptocurrency platform launches new investment product

In 2020 Gekkoin cryptocurrency and investment platform entered the market with a new product – structured crypto deposits – that took the best out of two worlds, crypto and traditional investing. It is a ready-made solution that provides users with a possibility to earn many times more than on bank deposits but not risk the same as when buying cryptocurrency on their own.

Gekkoin’s clients open a deposit in a stable currency which is called Gekkoin Europe and is pegged to euro (1 EURG = 1 euro). At the same time deposits are pegged to the rates of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH or XMR). It means that the final income depends on behaviour of the chosen cryptocurrency on the market. In addition, users manage the risk/returns parameters themselves and are able to choose the most appropriate strategy.

So far Gekkoin offers three options:

Safe strategy with guaranteed returns;
Balanced strategy with preservation of invested funds up to 100%;
Dynamic strategy that delivers high returns but there is a risk of losses if the exchange rate of the chosen cryptocurrency drops.

Gekkoin’s structured product meets the needs of various groups of users from experienced investors to those who would like to invest in the crypto but still believe it is too risky.

The high degree of risk diversification may attract traditional and crypto investors along with seasoned crypto enthusiasts. Higher returns than on bank deposits may be interesting for bank depositors.

Gekkoin platform is also a good option for newbies since it offers a complex system approach (all-in-one) as well as safe and easy entry to the cryptocurrency market.

So far Gekkoin’s users can work with three coins including bitcoin, ethereum, and monero – more coins will be added as the company grows. As an additional service, Gekkoin offers its clients a multicurrency crypto wallet to store BTC, ETH, XMR, and the internal token EURG. The internal token is also used to make all the payments and conduct accounting operations.

Company’s clients can always access their deposits in their private accounts on along with managing fiat money (replenishment, withdrawal) via Gekkard banking app which is already available for Android and IOS.

In their private accounts Gekkoin’s users can also exchange cryptocurrencies by exchange rates. Integration with Gekkard banking app allows them to make instant payments and track expenses.

Gekkoin is a secure licensed ecosystem that combines a multicurrency crypto wallet, an exchange, an internal token EURG, pegged to euro, a payment card Mastercard (both virtual and physical) and modern banking services. Platform allows its users to manage crypto assets and earn with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero using structured financial products.

Simon Rippley

PR Executive at Gekkoin

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