Quant Lambda – The New Tokenization Model That Makes This Crypto Fund Worth Considering

Quant Lambda - The New Tokenization Model That Makes This Crypto Fund Worth Considering

After failing to impress in the venture capital sector, tokenization is starting to be sidelined by the finance crowd. However, this is a classic example of putting the cart before the horse, as tokenization should first be proven and optimized in settings that are digital in nature, faster to react and not as vitally dependent on trade secrecy.

Venture capital tokenization essentially condenses the interests, intentions and particular conditions of multiple companies in various stages of development (many of them start-ups) into a single token, which is then posted on the fastest and most trigger-happy markets ever created. 

From this perspective, it seems rather like an uninspired choice. Or, more to the point, like a quick way of disproving tokenization models altogether while making a killing on the side. But hindsight being what it is and conspiracy debate not being on the menu for today, we move on.

The QUANTL Full Tokenization Model

Premier examples of improvement through tokenization are crypto trading hedge funds. The team at Quant Lambda say that the (correctly implemented) QUANTL full tokenization model can create an entirely superior class of digital asset funds that would bring the following improvements by design: 

  • Full operational transparency
  • Real-time activity reporting and trading desk result assessment
  • Unalterable, blockchain-certified activity reports
  • Seamless and constant public audit capabilities 
  • Fair and stable fund unit pricing under any conditions
  • Transparent fund commission system, ensuring constant alignment of fund management interests with clients’ interests 
  • Increased security
  • Higher potential returns thanks to a significant reduction in operational costs.

The Quant Lambda Trading Engine

Under continuous development for over 2 years, the Quant Lambda project began with the construction of a quantitative trading engine and was sustained with the founders’ own resources as initial trading capital. 

The team has managed to grow initial capital by 200% versus Bitcoin since trading started for the project, on December 1st, 2018. This amounts to an impressive, albeit less relevant 500% growth over USD since the beginning of trading 12 months ago.

As a practical example, the 9.6BTC($40,000) initial trading capital increased to 28.5BTC($244,000) over the last 12 months, not including the fund’s accrued commission.

The QUANTL fund’s main strategy is purely algorithmic in nature and relies exclusively on price action, combining simple observations about the market with order book analysis and a statistical approach to risk management. 

The team does not shy away from going into detail on their trading strategy in the QUANTL Platform Manual, as in their opinion consistently successful automated trading is so parameter-dependent and parameters need to change so very often, that anyone is welcome to replicate and build upon their trading methodology on their own.

The QTL Token

The QTL token is an ERC-20 Ethereum token, its value is backed by existing Bitcoin reserves, the total crypto assets under the funds’ control and its primary reference currency is Bitcoin.  

QTL tokens serve as Quant Lambda fund denomination units and make possible all the advantages the QUANTL full tokenization model brings. 

QTL token value increases with every successful trade the fund makes and decreases with every loss, accordingly. QTL is freely transferable and storable offline.

Quantl Account Bonuses & Affiliates System

The bonuses and affiliate system at QUANTL are unique, to say the least, and can yield a dedicated token holder bonuses ranging from 10% to 60% of the trading commission the platform generates with their funds. 

This system is, in fact, a deviously intricate and engaging gamified experience and once again, serves to showcase what can be achieved effortlessly through a fully tokenized investment model.

As the QUANTL Manual states, “The Account Bonuses System is your personal way of getting back at us for charging a 30% trading commission. Of course, we know 30% is quite high. But if you are active and willing to engage in this colorful game, you can have 20%, 30% or even 60% of that commission back. And we bet you will enjoy yourself more than if you would have chosen to pay the industry-standard 20% commission to other people(who are most definitely boring)”. “Definitely” something different here.

QUANTL Platform Public Launch

The Quant Lambda Fund sets out to establish its QUANTL full tokenization model as the industry standard for transparent, secure and efficient crypto investments.

The QUANTL platform opened its doors to public investors earlier this month, after completing a small preliminary round of private investors onboarding.

The team at Quant Lambda hopes you will find their offering enticing enough to give them a try and contribute to the evolution of QUANTL into the next stages of development, which are already planned out and detailed on their platform.

QUANTL Website: |

QUANTL Platform: |

QUANTL Manual: |

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This press release is sponsored and produced by a third-party source and should not be viewed as an endorsement by ZyCrypto. Readers are urged to do their own research before investing or having anything to do with the company, goods and/or services mentioned in the above article.

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