Acquiring XRP At Its Current Price Is Like Buying Bitcoin At $10, Crypto Enthusiast Opines

Ripple's XRP Price Hits 1-Month High But The $0.30 Level Resists

A lot has been happening within the crypto space, even as the general market outlook looks a little bit bleak due to the current bearish sentiments. Crypto prices have been falling with Bitcoin leading the plunging wedge.

On its part, XRP hasn’t been much of a performer either, and lots of its fans have started complaining. However, one crypto enthusiast seems to have nurtured a rather radical opinion regarding XRP.

According to “The Crypto Candy,” as her twitter handle goes, XRP could be where Bitcoin was a few years ago. In a tweet that has since attracted numerous participants, the aficionado sought to draw a parallel between the XRP market of today and the Bitcoin market of latter days, claiming that buying XRP today is comparable to buying Bitcoin at $10. 

Early Bitcoin Adoption

First off, it’s true that Bitcoin fetched just a few cents in market price back in its early days, and that has come to change over the years. Besides being the largest crypto by market cap, Bitcoin is also the most popular as well as the most priced. At the moment, the top coin is going for around $8,500 even as the market slumps. 

In essence, anyone who invested in Bitcoin during its early days is now loaded. The Crypto Candy tries to put XRP in the same bracket, rooting for its exponential growth in the coming years. However, not so many people are buying that opinion. 

Some Don’t Agree

Since the post went up, various twitter users have offered their opinions. Some have supported her, and some have disagreed with her assessment.

There are those who believe that XRP doesn’t offer much and therefore shouldn’t be compared to Bitcoin as far as its price potential is concerned. According to a reply by one of the commenters, “XRP doesn’t have scarcity, decentralization, non-censorship factor, or the network effect” strong enough to be compared to Bitcoin.

Every Crypto Trading and Investment Activities Involve Risk. This Article Is Provided For Informational Purposes Only And Shouldn’t Be Taken As Investing/Trading Advice.

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